What We Do At Studio 2

Studio 2 is one of Ireland’s best loved Arts centres bringing the Arts to the Greater Shantallow area and beyond.

Studio 2 Artistic Policy

We place the Arts at the heart of our Social, Economic and creative life.  Our Core values describe who we are, what we stand for and are artistic policy endorses these values to the wider community.

Core Values:

  • Community – ‘Art Reaching Communities’ – ‘Sense of Belonging’
  • Create – ‘Bring to Being’
  • Connect – ‘Inclusive, supporting and nurturing environment’
  • Inspire – ‘Invigorate and enhance’
  • Educate – ‘Learning Creative and Cultural Expression’

We are a community arts organisation aiming to provide direct access to the arts within disadvantaged communities in the Greater Shantallow Area/Outer North Region of Derry.

Our Ethos emphasises the values of hard work, achievement, enjoyment of learning and service to our community through the arts.

Some of the special features we offer include:

  • Arts For Life- we are dedicated to preparing participants to make a significant contribution to their community and society as a whole
  • A clear emphasis on boosting performance and achievement for all
  • Studio 2 is multi-cultural in outlook and interacts with people from all different cultures

Studio 2 exists to serve the creative aspirations of our community.  Our doors are open and we welcome you with open arms and heartfelt intentions and let the arts in all its wonders enhance your life.

∼ Oliver Green Artistic Director ∼

Outreach & Educational Programmes

The Art Reaching Communities

The Art Reaching Communities

In-house Studio 2 Facilitators

This strand provides the opportunity for people of all ages and backgrounds to develop skills as artists through collaborative processes with professional mentors. We develop and produce a wide range of activities across a number of art forms including Drama, Dance, Music, Animation, Digital Art, Festival and Traditional Irish Arts.

Youth and Social Inclusion Programme

Youth and Social Inclusion Programme

Facilitated by Marty McGranaghan Youth Support Worker In Charge

This strand uses the Arts to transform and alleviate social problems within our communities.

We have designed a visionary approach to inspire and engage young people in the Outer North Area & beyond.  We offer innovative creative arts activities & pathways so that our young people experience the magic of the Arts. We offer:

  • Kick-Up-The- Arts Programme
  • Extending Schools Programme
  • Choices Programme
  • Artisan Club Membership Programme
  • Be Aware Programme
Communities United

Communities United

Community Engagement & Civic Festival Programme: Facilitated By Louise Hughes Communities United Coordinator

Supported by the Executive Office this unique culturally connected civic engagement programme offers the opportunity to bring together people from all sections of our community. Providing a platform to join together in expressing their cultural creativity and diversity. As part of our key civic celebrations including the Earhart Festival, St. Patrick’s Day Spring Carnival and The Banks of the Foyle Halloween Carnival. For additional information and to participate simply contact Louise Hughes.

Our Partners, Associates & Funders

 Thank you National Lottery players. You’ve supported half a million people including ours. #50000 thank you’s @TNLUK